Relaxed and refreshed at the New Fair of Rome

18 May 2016 by Andrea Amico0

Wake up and find your self only few minutes away from your competition’s spot, fresh and rested it’s something priceless. A long journey may compromise months of study because of tiredness and accumulated stress.

Without the clarity necessary you can commit a mistake that can be decisive for the final evaluation.

These are just some of the reasons why many participants choose Villa Erasi B&B Fiumicino. It is really strategic. And not just because it is close to the airport Rome Fiumicino. And not just because the hotel provides a shuttle service.

It is strategic because it is close to a major competition locations: the New Fair of Roma. It is also close to Lido di Ostia, where there are – among others – the competitions of the Recruiting Center of the financial police. And it is close to the main Rome Fiumicino connections: in a few minutes you reach the capital, home of the most important competitions.

Last but not least, a service that not everyone can offer: the friendliness and good company of Andrea and Federica.

Yes, even the environment around you plays a fundamental role in view of a test exam or a competition.

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